2023-24 Adventures

T680 Adventures and Service - 2023-24

Assateague Beach Campout

(August 18 - 20, 2023)

In keeping with tradition, Troop 680 kicked off the 2023-24 scouting year with its annual beach campout at Assateague State Park in Berlin, MD.  The weather and water temperature were perfect once again, which made for an enjoyable weekend.  The only downside this year was the unusually high number of black flies and mosquitoes.  Although not unusual for Assateague, this was really the first year the Troop encountered as many as it did in the seven years since the Troop started making this trip.  Also of note, the wild ponies of Assateague made a return to our campsite this year, having not seen any last year.  Unfortunately, they visited us right after lunch and although we had put all the food away, we had not yet taken the trash out, so they decided to rumage through the trash and made a big mess.  One also got caught up in the guidelines to one of our awnings and yanked it up to break free.  Despite these few challenges, everyone had a great time enjoying the beach, taking care of business at a PLC, the camaraderie of cooking and eating together, and the fun of the evening campfire.  

Additiional Photos from Assateague have been posted in the Trooop photo album on the restricted pages.