Scouting Uniform

Scouting Uniform Information

Scout Uniform Requirements

The uniform is a very important symbol of our identity as Scouts and as a unit. You are responsible for wearing your uniform correctly and at the right times. The Troop has two types of uniform, Class A and Class B.

Parts of the Class A Scout Uniform. The main parts of your Class A Scout uniform are:

  • Tan Scout shirt, either short-sleeved or long-sleeved. The short-sleeved shirt is more economical since it can be worn year-round even in the winter over a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Green Scout pants (or green Scout shorts). No substitutes are allowed for scouts in the rank of Star, Life or Eagle. Scouts below the rank of Star have the option of wearing blue jeans or green/tan cargo pants in lieu of the green scout pants/shorts.
  • Belt: green web belt with brass BSA buckle. The newer convertible pants have a built in belt.
  • Merit badge sash is required for boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Scout neckerchief and slide are required.
  • Shoes and socks may include sneakers and gym socks, since our meetings and outings typically involve physical activity. Boots are optional.
  • Scout caps are optional.

Parts of the Class B Scout Uniform. The main parts of your Class B Scout uniform are:

  • Troop t-shirt. The Troop designed these to wear at outings when the Scout is not wearing the Class A uniform. The basic design is a small circle printed on the front left side and the characters "T680" printed inside the circle. These are purchased in the Spring through the Troop.
  • Pants. These are left at the discretion of the Troop leaders. The options are: green Scout pants, green Scout shorts, or other appropriate color/material combination such as blue jeans or tan/green cargo pants.
  • Belt. green web belt with brass BSA buckle. No substitutes are allowed. The newer convertible pants have a built in belt.
  • Scout caps are optional. Other baseball-style caps that have a Scout-related theme, such as a Scout camp, are acceptable substitutes for the Scout cap. You are not allowed to wear hats which promote sports teams or other commercial themes with your Scout uniform at any time.

*Imitation of United States Armed Forces Uniforms is prohibited by the provisions of the organization's charter. This means that scouts may not wear military garb or fatigues, including camouflage at any scout meeting or activity.

When to Wear Your Scout Uniform. Every Scout and registered adult leader is required to wear their uniform for all official functions unless your Patrol Leader specifically tells you otherwise. The Class A uniform is worn at all meetings and activities unless specifically stated by the Senior Patrol Leader. All scouts assigned to a position of responsibility are required to wear the Class A uniform to all meetings. The complete Class A uniform is mandatory for Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. The Class B uniform is designed for outings when the Class A uniform is not required.

Sewing Patches on Your Uniform. An easy way to get uniform patches to line up correctly is to first glue them on with a water-based white glue (like Elmer's) before sewing. After the glue has dried, the patch will stay in place while you sew the stitches. When you wash the shirt, the glue will wash out. Check your Scout Handbook for details on proper placement of your patches.

Where to Buy Uniforms and Other Scouting Items

The NCAC has a Scout Shop at 5234 Port Royal Road, in Springfield in the Ravensworth Shopping Center (just outside the beltway (phone (703) 321-4836)). Other local sources for Scouting items in Alexandria are Robcyns (703) 379-7800 at 3660 King Street in the Bradlee Shopping Center, and the Ranger Surplus at 9514 B Main Street, Fairfax, (703) 426-1326. You can also call the BSA's catalog order line in North Carolina ((800) 323-0732) to request a Scout catalog or place an order.

Recycled Uniform Closet. Because Scout uniforms are made to be very tough, you will probably outgrow your uniform before you wear it out. We encourage you to turn in your outgrown uniform parts to the Troop. We recycle these for use by other Scouts. This saves money and keeps everyone in full uniform. That keeps our Troop looking sharp!