Troop Committee

Volunteer parents, registered with BSA, make up our Troop Committee. The committee ensures our Troop has safe outings and has the resources needed to support our activities. Committee members receive training from the Colonial District in Troop leadership and in youth protection. They also require Virtus, the Diocese of Arlington youth protection training.

Among its duties, the committee selects the Scoutmaster, raises and manages the money for our program, supports Troop awards and advancement ceremonies, and handles the paperwork between the Troop and the BSA council. The Troop Committee Chair is the best person for a parent to talk to if they are not able to resolve a problem with the Scoutmaster. One parent for each Scout is expected to be involved in the program as a committee member, merit badge counselor or adult Troop leader. The Troop Committee meets the last Sunday of the month, concurrent with the monthly PLC meeting.

Committee Chair

Jamal Abbed

The Troop Committee Chair organizes and oversees the activities of the Troop Committee and, together with the Troop Committee, ensures the necessary resources are available to the Troop to deliver the Scouting program.  The Committee Char is also a member of the Board of the Friends of Alexandria Catholic Scouting, Inc. (FACS), the Troop's chartering organization, and represents the Troop Committee on the FACS Board.

Chartered Organization Rep

Jill Rough

The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) is the FACS Board Member responsible for ensuring that the Troop operates in compliance with any rules and requirements of the Troop's Chartering Organization, FACS, and ensuring that the Troop's activities comply with the values, purpose, and mission of FACS.  The COR also serves as a liaison for the Troop to the FACS Board and is responsible for approving volunteer applications in accordance with the policies of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and FACS.   The COR is also the Board Secretary of FACS.


Liz Tucci

Keep minutes of meetings; Send out committee meeting notices.


Jim Commeree

Handles troop funds; pays authorized bills; maintain the troop checking accounts; lead preparation of annual troop budget; and report to the Troop Committee and the CFO of FACS.  The Troop Treasurer is also a member of the FACS Finance Committee.


Jennifer Holt

Encourage Scouts to advance in rank; helps maintain Scout advancement records; arranges Boards of Review (BORs) and Courts of Honor (CORs); maintains Merit Badge counselor lists; report Troop advancements to Council; and secures badges and certificates .


Rip Lee

Oversees the youth Quartermaster and works with Quartermaster to ensure proper inventory and storage of Troop equipment; makes periodic safety checks of all Troop gear and arranges repair and/or replacement of worn or broken equipment; helps the Troop procure new equipment as needed or required. 

Health and Safety

Paula Mirvish

Ensures all medical forms and records are current and provides guidance on health and safety issues to the Troop.


John Hall

Responsible for all administrative paperwork for Scouts, Adult Leaders, and oversees the annual BSA rechartering process.


Megan Dion

Ensures Troop Leaders and Committee Members have completed the necessary BSA training for their respective positions and works with the District training team to schedule appropriate training as necessary; maintains training records of Troop Leaders and Committee Members as well as an inventory of up-to-date training materials and other training resources; ensures that all Troop Leaders and Committee Members have completed BSA Youth Protection training; encourages youth leader training within the Troop and at the Council and National levels and encourages adult leaders to take non-mandatory training.

Other Troop Positions



The  Troop does not have a dedicated Chaplain at this time.  Instead it relies on priests in the local parish communities (Good Shepherd and St. Louis Catholic Church) to fulfill this role .

Courts of Honor

Jennifer Holt

Coordinate Courts of Honor (typically a quarterly event) and Eagle Courts of Honor, including program information, refreshments, Master of Ceremonies.

Event Coordinator


Help plan and arrange Troop participation in outside events that are not specifically the responsibility of other committee members.


Teresa Miller / Kristen Droesch

Supervise wreath sales and ensure each Scout has the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities/events.

Friends of Scouting

John Mirvish

Troop representative  for annual BSA fundraiser.

High Adventure Program

John Mirvish

Coordinates the Troop's annual High Adventure program, which includes Northern Tier, Philmont, Sea Base, and Summit.


Jim Commeree

Mentor Scouts and Scouters on the process of advancing from Life Scout to Eagle Scout, including time in tenure requirements, service projects, Eagle Scout application, Life Purpose Statement, and completion of required badges; approves Eagle Project.

Merit Badges

Jennifer Holt

Monitor merit badge status; coordinate merit badge status during/after summer camp; coordinate completion of partials as needed; provide input to database manager.

Merit Badge Jamboree


Help plan and arrange Troop participation in Merit Badge jamboree.

Religious Emblem Coordinator

Anthony Nichols

Coordinate religious emblem program, retreats, Scout Mass participation. 

Summer Camp

John Mirvish / Anthony Nichols / Scott Klempner

Help plan and arrange summer camp, including tour permits, transportation needs, site logistics, merit badge registration, financial oversight, medical forms, and coordinating prescription medicine handling with camp personnel.


Scout / Dave Reeder

Webmaster is a Position of Responsibility available to youth to fulfill the rank requirements of Star, Life, and Eagle.  The youth Webmaster is either elected by the Troop or appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and is responsible for maintaining and updating the existing website, coordinating the addition of functionality as needed, and maintaining the Troop photo site.  The adult Webmaster assists the youth Webmaster in fulfilling his responsibilities and coordinating certain business administrative functions necessary for the Troop to maintain its website, such as the annual domain name registration and web hosting.  

Youth Leadership Training & Mentoring

John Mirvish/Anthony Nichols

Provide oversight to PLC meetings to ensure efficient and productive use of time at weekly meetings. Maintain an environment where use of leadership skills is encouraged. Teaching of leadership skills, at age appropriate levels is done where possible.